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Hi There,

First of all, thanks for giving few minutes out of your busy schedule to ShoppingFix. I am grateful to have you here.

As a first post of this blog, I decided to introduce Shoppingfix to the world. So, let me take you through my blog journey step by step and with a small introduction about me.

First a small introduction about me:


Writer @ ShoppingFix

My name is Nikshita Raj. But, I write as Neeckiey. I am an IT professional by profession and a writer by heart. I have strong love for clothes and bags. I love to customize fashion according to my comfort zone and personal style. I can browse internet for hours (I literally do that), looking for new clothes, make up, beauty products and all such things. I guess, this says a lot about my blog as well.

I seriously live by this stupid rule “Better be late than ugly” 😛

I am from Jaipur, India. The city is known as Pink city and I am a proud Jaipurite. You may get in touch with me on social media to know me more. All the links are provided here

Why did I create this blog? Since I was little girl, I have always loved new clothes, getting dressed up, playing with mummy’s make up and all such kind of things. And one day, I won a bronze medal for writing an article on the topic  “Tree”, when I was in 3rd standard of my schooling.I come from a non English speaking family, so the article was my hard work alone, no assistance whatsoever. I was on cloud nine after winning this medal. This love for writing kept growing since after that.

As I grew up, I started to enjoy playing with words more. I once even gave a try to write fictional story (carrying a childhood dream to become author someday). It was a complete fail as it never got published or got any kind of attention, only that one day my Papa noticed and said to me “Are you writing a novel?”  And I was like “No. Just a story. I love writing”. (I was hesitant or may be afraid to tell him my real intentions about story writing because the ultimate career plan for me was to become an engineer in future, obviously set by parents. And I can not blame them for this. There is complete different story about choosing careers in India). And that’s all. No further discussion.  My parents are supportive enough but blogging as a career, kind of scares them.

Any way, moving little ahead in time. I slowly I learned about freelance writing (At least, I could satisfy the urge to write if not more) So, sometime later, I started as a freelance writer. I wasn’t aware about blogging back then. I was completely unaware that I could start my own blog. But, when I learned about blogging, I wasn’t sure where to start from. Well, it is kind of strange that I spent hours browsing through internet but never it strike my mind to start something of my own. Any way, finally it did. I am writing this happily on my own blog now.  The most satisfying moment ever.

And then there was a whole different story for beauty and fashion. My inclination towards cosmetics made me surf for hours through the online websites, looking for something new to experiment with. But, after tedious hours of research , going through numerous reviews, I was left wondering if the product was worth buying or not. I was left  wishing that someone could just come up to me and tell  me “Hey, buy this, you won’t regret” or “Do not buy this , it is not worth”, just like my mummy tells me about things to adopt and the things to avoid.

So, I created this blog , following my passion for writing and the necessity of the honest reviews I felt, whenever I wanted to experiment with a new beauty product. I wanted to know in and out of the product before I could invest my hard earned money into something I have never used before.  And the reviews that were available on various online shopping websites were mixed and confusing. I could never decide from those reviews if the product was worth investing in or not.  Last, but not least I love talking about beauty and fashion. It is awesome to talk to different people about make up , clothes, shoes, bags, different styling hacks and all of that. Hence, I created this platform where I talk my heart out  and share things which could possibly help (at least) my subscribers/ followers. And I could interact with you people to learn more.

If you think there could be anything that can be improved about ShoppingFix then leave your valuable suggestions here

Story behind the name of the blog: When I was thinking about the name of my blog, I had this in my mind that instead of just a fancy name I would give it a name that reflects the real purpose behind the blog. The blog content kind of revolve around buying and trying new products. And then with the review posts, I am trying to fix people’s confusion regarding  xyz beauty product, hence the name. Also, we girls strongly believe that Shopping is one of the best remedy for a bad mood or day. It fixes that bad mood  like that. Hence, Shoppingfix. I hope, you the idea. 😛

About the review posts: I have tried my best to keep the reviews of the various products as informative as possible. I also try to include general opinion of other people (wherever possible) along with my opinion on a certain product I talk about. I believe this helps people to reach to a more specific conclusion about that product and help even better to decide if they should buy it or not.

Join me in my journey of writing for fashion and beauty by SUBSCRIBING to ShoppingFix. The FOLLOW button is provided below.


Happy Reading!!



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