How to be a smart online shopper?

Online shopping has become so popular now a days . Also it has made our lives so easy .You don’t have to schedule a day for shopping, no crowds, better deals , the list is endless. And not just this, you don’t have to drive all the way to shopping mart, later look for the parking spots and then driving all the way back home.

Though you are happy with the whole idea of shopping online but now look at the condition of your wallet. Because shopping online is so easy that every now and then we log in to our favorite shopping site, end up buying more than required and later left regretting because the whole budget for the month was disturbed completely.


So, here I have some tips for you to save some bucks while shopping online:

  1. After digging up all the stuff you need and when you are finished adding them to your basket, stop at the checkout. Log out right away. And then check your basket, after a day or two. You will realize that while going through all that stuff on the site, you got dragged away and added few things you don’t really need. You can now remove these unnecessary things and check out with only what you need the most. pexels-photo-264547.jpeg
  2. Learn to see the difference between WANT and NEED . Before buying anything either online or offline, ask yourself one question that “Do I really need this?” If your answer is NO, then don’t buy it. Make it your habit.pexels-photo-318236.jpeg
  3. Make a list of all the items you need. Yeah this rule can be applied to online shopping as well. So when you have your list ready prior the shopping, you can just search that item in the search box and add only what you need in to your cart than getting unnecessary things and later regretting buying them.writing-notes-idea-conference.jpg
  4.  Stop or I would rather say control yourself from visiting online shopping websites unnecessarily. Rather visit them when you really want to buy something. pexels-photo-230544.jpeg
  5.  Last  but definitely not least, decide your budget and try to stick to it. Do not fall for the offers which actually there to make you buy the things whether you need it or not. By that I mean, don’t buy something just because it has off on it.  money-card-business-credit-card-50987.jpeg

Finally, I will say remember two things,first, “Why to spend your hard earned money on something you do not need” and that there is always a difference between What you NEED and What you WANT.

Hope these tips help you.

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