Simple tips to help you stay glowing in winters

Finally,  the winters are here. And keeping the skin glowing and beautiful in this dry weather could be a real challenge. The brutal cold winds, when they hit your body, makes it all flaky and cracked. So, as a part of today’s episode , I would like to discuss 6 simple, yet effective tips to deal with the dry weather and keep your skin beautiful as always.

1. The oil for your face:

It is one of my favorite method to deal with the dry skin. While you sleep in night, the skin rejuvenating methods tend to be more effective. So, what you can do is, use an essential oil and massage it properly on your face before you go to bed. Make it part of your daily night routine. I use argan oil from Soulflower, as a part of my daily regime. But, you may go with any oil that suits you. Even simple coconut oil or Olive oil is equally effective. Also, these are more affordable than an essential oil.


Argan Oil from Soulflower

2. Invest in a good moisturizer:

You may invest in a good moisturizing creams/lotions/serums. These are easily available both on online and offline stores. The good moisturizing creams could be little costly, but they are worth investing in. Some of my favorites are: Night Treatment Cream from Forest Essentials and Vitamin E Overnight Serum-oil from The Body Shop. But, if you want to go with more affordable option, then try Olay moisturizing cream.

What you need to keep in mind while choosing a moisturizer/serum is to look for ingredients like, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid. They are considered best when it comes to restore the hydration in your skin. A good moisturizer replenishes the skin with valuable lipids, ultimately leaving the skin hydrated. Hence, it is a smart move to invest in a good moisturizer and is a real game changer.

vvv.JPG                   shoppif.JPG

3. Exfoliate regularly:

This one you must have heard a hundred times. Exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate! Once, you start doing it on a regular basis , you will actually understand the significance of exfoliating the skin. When you exfoliate, you are actually removing the dead cells and exposing the new skin cells. This results in more glowing skin ever. So, exfoliate regularly. There are multiple scrubs to choose from. You can also go for the exfoliating tools.

4. Use a good SPF:

Instead of hibernating indoors under  a blanket, it is advisable to go out and enjoy some sunshine. It is very important and you can say that, it is one of the reasons that our skin looks more healthy in summers than in winters. But, exposing yourself to the sun rays , though dim as compared to that in hot weather, may harm it equally. It is mandatory that you do not step out with a protecting shield. Invest in a good SPF and you are good to go. I personally use the one from Loréal with a SPF50.


5. Hydrate from within:

External hydration alone is not sufficient. Your skin need hydration from within. In winters, we tend to drink less water and hence, our body starts to heat up. Consequently, your skin become dehydrated and dull. So, it is extremely important that you drink sufficient water. Try lemon into a warm water and drink it. It is refreshing and hydrating at the same time.

6.  Avoid long hot showers:

Yep, that’s right. Take short showers because, the hot water is gonna suck out all the moisture out of your body. And that is what we do not want. Right? And once done with the shower, do not forget to slather that body lotion all over your body to lock in the moisture. I use wild argan oil body lotion from The Body Shop.

7. Eat Right:

Last, but definitely not least, you should eat healthy. Make sure your diet involves all the nutrients that are necessary for an individual. After all, there is no replacement for a healthy diet. Right? If you maintain healthy diet, then no one can stop you from having the beautiful skin, no matter what weather it is.

I hope, now you have some effective methods to stay glowing in winters also. But, you need to honestly make above methods part of your daily regime to have the expected results.  And yes remember, “Don’t make your skin pay for the dry weather”.


Share your tips for winter skin care in the comment section below. Would love to learn more.


Lastly, enjoy this weather of hot soups, hot coffee and yeah, hot chocolate. I believe, every weather has it’s own good and bad. You can not appreciate summer if not you had gone through this cold weather. Right?





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