ShoppingFix has Upgraded

Hi All


How are you guys doing? How was your Christmas? I really had an amazing time while working hard on upgrading my blog.

I am really happy to announce that Shoppingfix has its own domain now and is more professional and reader friendly than ever- though more improvements are being done continuously.

So, here is a quick introductory post about the latest version of my blog, ShoppingFix- My Vanity & Closet.

Started as an hobby, I finally decided to take ShoppingFix to next level. So, here is the upgraded version of my blog. Check it out here ShoppingFix-My Vanity And Closet

Older Blog:

Upgraded Blog:

I started Shoppingfix back in July 2017 and have been enjoying every bit of it. It’s been almost 6 months and the passion for writing a beauty blog has not fluctuated a bit. I took this consistency towards writing as an indication that it was not just a moment of time that made me write something, but it was something big. I have always wanted to write and had multiple failed attempts in the past.

Sticking to the plan to climb up to next step, I took a break from writing in October and November-by that I mean I wasn’t posting twice a week- because I got caught up in buying domain, designing the blog all over again, researching about hosting plans, and then transferring whole content from wordpress dot com to wordpress dot org, redesigning my social platforms (they still need more work to be done on them), –while juggling everything with my current job with IBM. There is lot more to do, and I am doing small bit every day. Obviously, I had to take help of some technically smart mind, so had to sort that out as well- while launching a blog is merely a 30-minute process, the backstage work is really tiring-though I am enjoying it a lot. I am still working on few more things to make the blog look more professional and more reader friendly. I want the content of my blog for my readers to be as beneficial as possible . So, basically, I am putting more time in content creating than indulging myself in making money.

Things are moving little slow currently but that is because I am busy with my full-time job as well, which is a technical job of a software developer. And I can’t take it for granted as this is how I pay my rent and other expenditures! Because writing for Shoppingfix gives me immense happiness and satisfaction I can’t give up on it either. It is little challenging to make balance between all the things but that is okay-it makes me happy every time I pick up my laptop to write a new blog post. I hope one day, with all your kind support, Shoppingfix will become something I will be proud of most.

I am looking for helpful suggestions. So, please drop them here

If you want me to encourage and keep me going with my blogging, then do it by subscribing to my upgraded blog here

I am also looking for beauty/fashion bloggers to get in touch with. Kindly, drop your links in the comment section. I would love to connect with you guys or drop me a mail at






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